New Fire Headquarters

ALBERTA | April 2011

Total: 34,900 sq. ft./3,242 m2
Fire Station: 14,000 sq. ft./1,303 m2
Administration/Fire Marshall: 12,600 sq. ft./1,173 m2
E.O.C.: 2,000 sq. ft./188 m2
PSAP: 6,200 sq. ft./578 m2



Utilize small downtown corner that defines entrance to the City Center. Designed to maximize safe response and protect entry and balcony from unusually strong prevailing winds. Worked closely with City and businesses for proper response, pedestrian walkways, parking, streetscape and view corridors.

Green Globes

Designed using Green Globes sustainable concepts, emphasis on energy efficiency, daylighting, sustainable materials and regional resourcing. Fully sprinklered, this facility is more efficient than required.  Incorporates lighting management, LED lighting, individual zone controls, air quality monitoring, HVAC management, electronic auditable occupant access station alerting, in-floor radiant heat with High-efficiency tankless boulers for bays and building-wide on-site emergency power.


Combine very busy Fire Department with Regional EOC, 911 Call Answering Point, City-wide IT Center, Fire Marshall, Fire Headquarters and City Fitness Facility. Coordinate live cut-over and all move-in to ensure continuous coverage for all critical services.


Teamed with prominent local architect (Ferrari Westwood Babits Architects) and local consulting engineeris to create strongest possible design team to solve numerous challenges and integration of City Departments.


Bring together the community, City Council, staff and the Fire Department for input design and concerns. Utilized programming and schematic design and to engage diverse stakeholders and seek their input.