New Fire Station


Total: 31,393 sq. ft.

Designed 4-story facility with large mezzanine to create space to support numerous training regiments. Reused existing very narrow site between U.S. Route 1 and I-95. Successfully utilized corridors, walls and roof to protect living spaces from noise and pollution. Controlled noise pollution, extreme traffic conditions and air quality.

Achieved $1 million grant for EOC



Large mezzanine spaces are adjacent to bays and classroom. Developed chargeable standpipe, Siamese connection; interior rope training, rappelling points, windows, evacuation, ladder floor-to-floor transfer, confined space, rescue hatch, smoke and ability to create additional regimens.


Complete Assessment and Budget, Report with Professional Recommendations to Vacate Existing Facility on Small Difficult Site. Conducted Forums and Meetings with Stakeholders and Responders to Present Findings and Alternatives. Developed separate EOC, IT, and Fire programs to define operations, response and public/private interactions. Created areas within the building and on the site to accommodate multiple uses and public education visits.


Combine very busy urban Fire Department, Fire Adminsitration, Fire Marshal, City-wide IT center and new regional EOC which is funded by a Federal grant.


Achieve LEED Certification, probable Gold status. Day-lighting, passive solar gain, state-of-the-art HVAC, energy saving systems, noise abatement and continuous Hi-R insulation.

Member Outreach

Participated and Led Presentations and Informative Meetings to Creat Unanimous Buy-in on the Project. Developed Sub-Committees to Work on Various Spaces such as Bays, Kitchen, Bunks and Administration.


Worked Closely with Owner to Acquire Private Financing for Land Acquisition and Construction


Bring together the Community, Membership and the Fire Company Board of Trustees for Input, Design and Concerns. Utilized Programming and Schematic Design to Engage Diverse Stakeholders and Fulfill Their Needs.


Negotiated with DOT, City and State to acquire State land needed to create additional width on the site.