New Fire Station/Municipal Space

PENNSYLVANIA | January 2012

Total: 20,170 sq. ft.
Bay/Support: 10,470 sq. ft.
Administration: 1,066 sq. ft.
Living: 5,527 sq. ft.



Combine volunteer fire company and students into a single facility that requires public access for training, EOC and township offices. Maintained secure access for the public, created living spaces that respect and work with the various responders.


Control the size and scope of the facility to maintain a budget for new equipment. Analyzed every aspect of the project through value-engineering in order to maintain the budget.


Create a modern state-of-the-art multi-use facility that can be expanded in the future. Placed building and designed site features to allow additional double-deep bay. Public area on south planned to incorporate additional township uses. All infrastructure and systems will accommodate expansion.


Locate building in township campus, yet respect residential neighbors to the side and rear. Invited neighbor input; developed setbacks, berms, fence and landscape buffer for neighbors’ privacy.

Team Building

Bring together the community, Board of Commissioners, Township staff and the Fire Company for input, design and concerns. Utilized programming and schematic design to engage diverse stakeholders and seek their input.