New Station 21

Marshallton, DE | December 2013

Total: 19,800 sq. ft.

Mill Creek Fire Company Inc. required a new fire station that would replace its existing facility on a small and difficult site.

Station Design Award from Firehouse Magazine



Pacheco Ross Architects (PRA) completed an assessment and budget report with professional recommendations to vacate the existing facility, and conducted forums and meetings with stakeholders and responders to present findings and alternatives. We also brought the community, membership, and Fire Company Board of Trustees together for input on the design and concerns. We utilized programming and schematic design to engage the diverse group of stakeholders and fulfill their needs. In designing the new station, we participated in and led presentation and informative meetings to create unanimous buy-in on the project. We developed sub-committees to work on various spaces such as bays, kitchen, bunks, and administration in order to create a design that best met the Company’s needs.


Complete Assessment and Budget, Report with Professional Recommendations to Vacate Existing Facility on Small Difficult Site. Conducted Forums and Meetings with Stakeholders and Responders to Present Findings and Alternatives.

  • Feasability Study (Two buildings)
  • Existing Facilities Assessments
  • Site Evaluation
  • Membership Support Campaign
  • SD through CA
  • Programming
  • Bidder Interview & Selection
  • Project Management
  • Construction Administration
Member Outreach

Participated and Led Presentations and Informative Meetings to Create Unanimous Buy-in on the Project. Developed Sub-Committees to Work on Various Spaces such as Bays, Kitchen, Bunks and Administration.


Bring together the Community, Membership and the Fire Company Board of Trustees for
Input, Design and concerns. Utilized Programming and Schematic Design to Engage Diverse Stakeholders and Fulfill Their Needs.