New Fire/EMS Station

NEW JERSEY | July 2006
Dennis A. Ross Architect of Record

Total: 13,820 sq. ft.
Bay/Support: 6,048 sq. ft.
Living: 4,127 sq. ft.
Administration: 3,645 sq. ft.

Located facility in Commercial Office Park. Maintained covenants, setbacks, parking, lighting and developed multi-parcel storm drainage agreement.



Combine a career fire department and township EMS into a single facility. Placed fire and EMS apart to separate different types of response and needs.


Meet a compressed time frame for the design and budget to meet the date for the bond referendum. Utilized entire firm and all team resources to meet the schedule.


Maintain the size and scope of the facility while using capital costs for equipment. Analyzed every aspect of the project and then value-engineered where appropriate in order to maintain the budget.


Balance the issues and budgets for Fire District and EMS. Worked with the District and Township to balance stakeholder requirements and issues.