New Fire/Rescue Station

VIRGINIA | Summer 2010

Total: 28,500 sq. ft.
Bay/support: 12,917 sq. ft.
Living: 4,576 sq. ft.
Administration: 7,785 sq. ft.



Combine a rescue squad, volunteer fire company and career fire department into a single facility. Combined spaces where possible; separated the different specific needs and response required for each department.

Land Acquisition

Find land in a heavily developed area suitable for emergency response and meet County master plan and zoning regulations. Implemented unique site location analysis which identified the parcel.


Design on a site with numerous constraints; extreme slope, utility easements, setbacks, stormwater drainage issues and zoning requirements. Worked closely with consultants to coordinate the design to take advantage of or avoid the site constraints in a cost-effective manner.


Develop as many training regimens into the building as possible. Combination training/hose tower and mezzanine access; 5 flight tower stair; chargeable standpipe/Siamese connection; exterior rope training; rappelling points; window evacuation; ladder and floor-to-floor transfer training; confined space rescue hatch and state-of-the-art classroom training.