New Fire Station (Design/Build)

NEW YORK | January 2007

Cost Withheld by Request
Total: 19,740 sq. ft.
Bay/Support: 9,673 sq. ft.
Living: 4,321 sq. ft.
Administration: 5,746 sq. ft.



Locate building in Business Park yet respect residential neighbors by developing setbacks, berms, fence and landscape buffer.


Bring together a Town, State Police and Fire Department into a single facility to share space functionally and cost. Created security protocols that permit community space, police and classroom training to share the facility.


Navigate Town issues and financing as a municipal entity that controls and owns the facility. Developed a program with the Fire Department and Town while balancing the diverse interests of each.


Control the size and scope of the facility to maintain a budget for new equipment. Explore every aspect of cost savings the project through value-engineering in order to maintain the budget.


Created a strategic alliance with a prominent developer and contractor to speed and simplify project delivery. Utilized IRS 6320 financing to fund entire project. Saved 15-20% compared to a typical public project.


Mezzanine space is adjacent to bays: developed interior rope training, rappelling points, window evacuation, ladder, floor-to-floor transfer, confined space, rescue hatch, ability to create additional regimens, exterior pad and apparatus training space.