Historic Renovation / Addition of Fire and EMS

NEW YORK | June 2011

Total: 26,628 sq. ft.
Bay/Support: 11,198 sq. ft.
Living: 4,121 sq. ft.
Administration: 4,864 sq. ft.



Create an infill/renovation that garners neighborhood and business acceptance and respects the attached historic village hall.


Combine Fire/EMS, Volunteers and Students into a single facility that requires public access. Maintained secure access for the public, created living spaces that respect and work with the various types of responders.

Public Outreach

Generate public support to create a successful bond referendum. Co-led with project team for public awareness campaign/bond process for a successful 3:1 vote.


Participated in numerous neighborhood meetings/forums and welcomed input from neighbors. Utilized materials, shapes, roof planes and massing to respect the Historic Village Hall.


LEED Silver/received substantial NYS energy grants, Managed LEED process to garner needed points. Energy modeling demonstrates up to 12% better performance than required for grants.


Design the project within a tight budget while still including all systems for a modern Fire/EMS facility. Value-engineered the building to include durable materials and only the essential spaces.